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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 8, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori damage bell. it's tuesday, november -- i'm tori cam be. it's tuesday, november 8th, election day. people living near the conocophillips are being advised to stay away. tara moriarty is live in concord. what's the situation now, tara? >> reporter: well, it still stinks. we're standing right above where the rupture happened, down at -- down at the canyon. it was a 16-inch pipeline that burst. it's owned by conocophillips. the company actually reported
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the leak around 5:00 last night. but neighbors, including this man that's in this home, felt something earlier than that, right? >> well, yesterday morning, my crews, we were heading out, and down the street we smelled some gas. it smelled more like -- we thought it was just natural gas. we went down there and some of the neighbors were milling around. and they were reporting a smell. we went down and looked around that area. we couldn't really find anything. it with kind of come and go. it wasn't that bad but you could just smell it. >> reporter: a lot earlier than reported. what happened? you said it got worse at night and describe your meal last night. you said it was kind of hard to eat? >> yeah. when we got home, i was coming down the road. i was literally a half-mile away. i thought i smelled something in my truck. i was looking around and then i
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realized it was from outside. as we got close to the house, i was talking to the neighbors. they were outside. one neighbor was frantic. >> reporter: but your food, it actually tasted like gas or something? >> right. when i got back up to the house, we were eating dinner, and no matter what you -- what you ate, is was permeating your taste buds. >> how did you sleep last night? >> it was pretty bad. >> reporter: you were saying you couldn't sleep downstairs. you had to go -- >> we went downstairs. the smell was in the lower fours of the house. i stayed down there. >> reporter: well, thank you for joining us. we put in calls to conoco -- conocophillips. as far as what caused this, we have yet to find out.
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tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. just a couple of moments ago, the polls opened for the election. bay area voters are deciding some very important contests but the race for san francisco is already getting some important attention. allie rasmus has mor. good morning -- has more. >> reporter: good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is what the voters are saying as they head into the booth. 16 people. there's also a district attorney's race and a sheriff's race to determine. and on the back, voters are having to decide local propositions. early volter turnout is -- voter turnout is lower than
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expected. now, the elections director says in elections with mayoral races like this, actually in the last ten races here in san francisco, the voter turnout has been about 50%. with just one more day of voting left to go, the election's director says they are not even close to that voter turnout. we talked to the first person in line waiting to vet. he explained why voters like him may be waiting until the last minute. >> i think it takes time and energy to vote. this is an off year, which doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: now, there are 16 people running for san francisco mayor. the candidates have had a number of get-out-the-vote and campaign events. some have had packed -- some of them have packed schedules including up to today. voters have to choose a first,
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second and third choice for candidates. this is not the first time rank- choice voting has been used. the director says maybe that's part of the reason why voters are taking their time making a selection. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. now, vallejo is set to elect a new mayor but not everyone who lives in vallejo is able to vote in that race. neighborhoods that call in unincorporated solano county land cannot vote in municipal elections. that means they can't vote for mayor. there's no voting for city council seats. people who live in the unincorporated areas can vote for school district board members. vallejo is just one of several bay area cities for mayor. there's elections in newark, livermore, benicia and san rafael. a one-cent sales tax proposal is on the ballot.
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voters are deciding on a-- on a half-cent tax. stay tuned. we'll have much more throughout the morning and complete live coverage of election returns tonight on the 10:00 news. 7:06. those pesky open microphones. coming up at 7:15, we'll have a report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the negative comments president obama and the president of france were overheard making about another world leader at the recent g-20 summit. a new poll shows president obama's approval ratings remain low but he still beats the candidates in a hypothetical runoff. in "the bullet journal" poll, president obama 'rating remains -- in "the wall street journal" poll, president obama 'rating remains -- president obama's
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rating remains -- rating remains the same. expect a crowd of lecturers outside the state this morning. faculty members will form a picket line at 11:00 at 19th and holloway. they are protesting recent student fee hikes. pack illty at all 2 campuses will picket today or tomorrow. make sure you stay with us on ktvu "mornings on 2." coming up at 7:45, pam cook is coming back. she will bring us more. faculty members, they are set to go on strike. faculty members voted yesterday too walk out a week from this thursday. professors and lecturers are protesting the recent decision to hold raises because of budget cuts. faculty members at dominguez hills in southern california will also go out on strike. a new report shows a drop
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of crime in north oakland over a controversial gang injunction. the injunction was put in place last year, designating an area of north oakland as a safety zone. crime in the area is down by 2% over the past 16 months. how far, serious crimes like assault with a dead le weapon, robbery and carjacking did increase. seven of the 15 people named in the injunction have been arrested. six of them outside the safety zone. city officials say that proves the injunction is successful. san leandro police and alameda county fire investigators are searching for the cause of a fire at a warehouse overnight. a patrolling police officer spotted smoke on 133rd avenue near washington just after midnight. the battalion creek says crews will to force their way into the facilities. it took them 20 minutes to
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knock the fire down. fortunately nobody was injured. >> that's good. >> uh-huh. 7:09. let's go to, sal -- let's go to sal. how is the traffic there at the toll plaza? >> it's busy. we and tab dash and we have -- and we have slow traffic coming up. if you are driving out to hayward, union city and fremont, you will see some stop and go traffic as well. i want to move it up to contra costa county where we -- where we have slow traffic in pittsburg and pleasant hill. the only good news, we don't have a lot of crashes to report here. but you can see that -- in antioch, it's pretty slow. let's take a look at the toll. when you get into san francisco, traffic was well. if you take the n-judah, there is a shuttle bus between la playa and 19th avenue. but at 19th you can take the
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regular street car all the way down down -- yun town. -- downtown. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you, sir. we have sunshine today and a little bit warmer temperatures. but there's some very cold numbers. upper 20s, 0s for many today. colder this morning than it was yesterday. sunshine. not very warm by noon. but later on today, low to mid- 60s. we should be around 65 to 7 -- 65 to 70. mostly sunny after the fog. it will be sunny. there's just a little bit of fog kind of dancing around. some of the cold lows. i tried to update these, bethel island is down to 32. that's really cold for them. palo alto 36. los gatos, 37. niles canyon, fremont and vallejo are both 38.
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and marshal valley, all around 34. that's really cold getting down to the coast. fairfield was 32. now they are 34. santa rosa says i'll go to 32 for you. 36 in napa. that's closer to the airport. closer to town i've seen 33. 3 san rafael, san anselmo, livermore is at 36. even oakland airport. good to go today. night and mornings cold. it lightnings like -- it looks like rain on friday morning. the question will it come to the coast or go down the coast. today a cold day. patchy fog and then sunshine. temperatures coming up just a tiny bit. sunny, nice. cool in the shade. temperatures warmer than yesterday but not by much.
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maybe 2 degrees. st. helena, 63. novato, 63. 60 sausalito, fairfield, 63 after a morning law of 42. partly cloudy partly cloudy alameda, 62 and pleasant tonight 62. san jose 64. cupertino, 63. woodside ain there along with men le pac and -- park and palo -- menlo park and palo alto. a little warmer on wednesday and thence thursday increasing clouds. rain saturday morning and then it clears out. tori and dave? >> thank you. 7:13. happening right now, president obama is set to travel to philadelphia, pennsylvania. marine one has just landed. this is a live picture as joint
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base andrews in maryland. he's about to get off the plane. that looking lies -- that looks like one of his aides there. and he will visit a head-start center in philadelphia. there's the president right there, heading to marine one from air force one at this trip in philadelphia, he will tour a classroom and also meet with students and children and teachers. the president will announce new rules that the white house says it will improve the quality of early education. it's one year now -- it's one year from -- it's one year from now that president obama could be replaced. we'll have more on his trip coming up shortly. 7:14. crying out in pain. you gotta see a disturbing video from last week's riot in
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oakland. raising questions about excessive force by police. @
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7:17. the white house is not comment this morning on an em -- commenting this morning on an embarrassing situation with president obama and the president of france expressing their frustrations about the leader of israel. alison? >> reporter: it happened at the g-20 summit last week. about half a dozen journalists reportedly heard it. a french newspaper had the
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details this morning. after president obama and nick co loss sarkodie held -- nicolas sarkozy held a meeting. they started to discuss israel. that's when sarkozy let loose about benjamin netanyahu, he says, i can't deal with him. he's a liar. and president obama says, you are fed up. i have to deal with him every day. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. we're hearing that william daly is stepping down as president obama's top aide after only ten months on the job. reportedly tense relations are behind his role change.
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he took over the position from ron emanuel, who quit to run for mayor of chicago, a position that he's in and now pete rouse will take over for daly. a very disturbing video has surfaced from last week's riot in downtown oakland. it's raising questions about whether police used excessive force during this late-night confrontation with demonstrators. this is a line of police in video at frank ogawa plaza. at one point he's asking if it's okay to be where he's standing. there's no audible rely. then one officer raises a weapon and fires what appears to be a weapon. >> ow! ow! >> you can actually hear him crying out in pain. so far, no response from police now, police made -- from police. now, police made more than 100
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arrests. most were cited and released. one remains. he's the man that tried to kick and beat a police officer. a judge set his bail at $15,000 and refused to release him on his own recognizance. in about two hours, joe paterno is expected to address the child abuse scandal surrounding his program. he will hold his weekly media briefing with reporters but the focus is likely to be on the on the -- on the investigation with jerry sandusky. prosecutors say sandusky abused boys over a -- abused eight boys over a period of time.
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two have resigned. they are accused of failing to report these incidents. more at 7:45. danville police have look -- are looking for the person who vandal identified a front door -- vandalized a front door. video shows a man spray- painting a garage door. a woman says it's been the target of vandals in the past eight weeks. if you know anything about this case, call danville police. all right. time now, 7:21. yet another powerful earthquake rocking japan. what disaster agencies are saying about a possible tsunami. new information about the death of an elderly woman in a m rin -- in a marin county fire. why this investigation is far from over. good morning.
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northbound 280, slow coming to highway 17.
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no tsunami warning has been issued after a large earthquake struck off japan, off the shores of the southern oco now wa island -- okinawa island. oklahoma is still shaking after a record-setting earthquake. at least five aftershocks hit the state yesterday. the strongest was a 4.7. there are no reports of injury or damage. but there were reports of damage after the earthquake on saturday. i believe this is the wrong video -- we did have video of
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twisters. no injuries have been reported. 7:24. an elderly woman who died last week in a fire in san rafael has now been identified. now, the marin county coroner's office says the victim was 90- year-old dorothy stallberg but they didn't release the cause of her death. her body was found inside her condo on knollwood drive. firefighters say the fire appears to be accidental. we want to check in with sal. >> it's busy out there, tori and dave. we have stop-and-go traffic going through the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see the traffic here is gonna be a little bit slow coming up. it's about a 20-minute delay. not a huge delay but it will be a 20-minute delay there before you make it onto the bridge. this morning's commute on the san mateo bridge looks pretty good in case you are thinking about using that. although there's already slow traffic get there on 880
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through "a" street. and on the south bay -- in the south bay, as we look at the maps, we don't have anything major except for. except for northbound 101 as you come on the de la cruz exit. it's causing slow traffic. 280 is slow all the way up to highway 17. it finally gets better in saratoga andis actually -- and it's actually fine by the time you reach there. and again, the n-judah, the shuttle bus is running between la platea -- la plata. just -- you can see the shuttle bus there dropping people off and then from there you can take the street cars all the way into downtown.
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the problem is overheadlines down at 0th and the judah are the problem. i think -- 20th and -- 30th and judah are the problem. i think -- go ahead and do that a real quick tilt up to the problem is. there it is. right in this area. let's go pack to steve. >> thank you, sal. it's cold out there. when san bruno hits 39, chris reporting that in, i believe him because he's spot on with his weather. you know it's cold out there. there's fog also dancing around. cold numbers, though, upper 20s for a few, even 41 in oakland and 41 in san jose, with 32 in santa rosa and 36 in livermore. the system to the left of the screen, looks like it wants to come here on friday. it is just cold out there.
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patchy fog will give way to sunshine. 60s, low to mid, but we're just inching up two days as we get into wednesday and thursday. forecast gets very complicated as we head towards thursday into friday. right now, an asteroid with the -- about the size of two or three city blocks is zooming here. ten different gas leaks in one yolo county neighborhood in the past 18 months. there's a bay area connection.
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an oakland man is behind bars this morning after police say he beat up his own mother and left her with serious injuries. kraig debro is live in oakland to explain why neighbors feared something like this would happen. kraig? >> good morning, tori. the more people we talk to, the more people say they knew this family, the police had been here several times. this is the house behind me. it's in the 6000 block of snake road. i've been talking to a couple of neighbors this morning.
7:32 am
each of them has said the police were here and the son was a threat to his personal threat to his family because of what was going on. he had some mental problems. we were out here when the police were putting the gentleman into a squad car. he's not identified by police. neighbors say they would periodically see the man, the one suspected of beating his mother, that he would come here during the day. he didn't live here. he lived at a half-way house. we don't know the condition of the woman. her i.d. has not been confirmed. we believe we have a name, just going through the phone book but we have to wait to talk too police. >> all right, kraig.
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7:32. well, the polls are now open for election day 2011. bay area voters are deciding dozens of important elections. however, the race for mayor of san francisco that's getting the most attention. there are 16 candidates in in crowded race. voters will be using a system called rank-choice voting. that allows voters to pick their top three choices but is craving some confusion, possibly in the delay of results. more at 8:00. also right now, before election day, a break-in at the campaign office of david chu. police say whoever broke in got into the office through this side window late sunday or early monday and crawled inside the campaign headquarters at van ness and clay. thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen. pipers were strewn all over the
7:34 am
floor. david chu's staff is checking the copier to see if any documents were copied. stay tuned here for more details and complete live coverage of election returns tonight on the 10:00 news. a basketball player at gilroy's college has grave injuries after a crash on highway 101. police say the 19-year-old suffered major head trauma in the crash near millbrae early sunday morning and he was -- and he may not survive. his teammate, bill herd, was behind the wheel. he was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. another teammate and two other women were also hurt. they are scheduled to open their basketball season on thursday. in oakland, police are investigating the shooting death of a man outside of an apartment complex. police were called there and
7:35 am
found a man in his 40s shot several times. police have not released any information about the victim or the suspect. 7:34. teenagers in san mateo county juvenile mall after leading police on a wild chase, and belmont police say it started yesterday morning. the 17-year-old ran from police after a disturbance was reported. and then at el camino and raulston, a woman driving a jaguar hit her. the man accused of killing a san francisco socialite is expected to enter a guilty plea today. prosecutors say gary scott holland posed as a utility worker when he knocked on the door of kate huran's apartment last year. he's accused of robbing her and
7:36 am
raining her before killing her. under the -- raping her before killing her. people who live in one yolo county neighborhood say they are concerned about ten different gas leaks in the last 18 months. the leaks are happening in davis. no one has confirmed that four leaks -- leaks happened in one block. the utility will not say if they are higher than normal. >> i didn't anything about it. and my third had one and my adoctors the street neighbor had one. >> the "sacramento bee" reports the pipeline under davis is the same type of pipeline involved in an explosion in cupertino. no one was hurt in the pipeline and the pipeline under that con i do has been released.
7:37 am
pg&e is getting ready to replace more pipeline. this time on the peninsula, coming up at 7:45, the pipeline being replaced today, just days after a rupture that ended on a mud slight on -- mudslide on 280. tonight, the mount diablo school board is expected to vote an a -- on a plan to convert clayton valley high school into a charter school. in september, voters approved a charter position but with conditions. the board gave charter supporters a february deadline to address concerns about budget and educational plans.
7:38 am
hour, supporters want the approval process expedited so they can be ready next fall. it is 7:37. the rock will be 202,000 miles from work. since it will pass by our area during the day, we won't be able to see it. and you would also need a tele scope. the u.s. department of science and technology has released a new essay saying the government has absolutely no evidence showing life exists be -- beyond our planet. the essay goes on to say the
7:39 am
mathematical study says somewhere, they believe, other life exists. a strange-looking bird is going up for adowntion. as far as they can figure, it's a tran sylvain yun naked neck chicken. it appears -- transylvanian naked neck chicken. the birds are valued more for their taste than their feet. they have nicknamed it timmy. they think it looks line tim lincecum. >> oh, god! -- looks like tim lincecum. >> oh! okay. let's go to sal. let's go to news clopper 2 looking at the corner of 19th
7:40 am
and judah in san francisco. where people were riding up to take the street car in. all service have been restored. it's been shuttle service up there. from there, they had buses and now the judah is running way out to the beach and coming down dawn dash coming downtown. here comes one right now. it looks like people are just getting on. it's running all the way -- down -- coming down were downtown. here comes one right now. it looks like people are just getting on. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. 80 westbound at san san pablo avenue is babbed up to sun nome. we've -- backed up to sunol. and in san jose, i think the
7:41 am
busiest freeway, of course, what would you think? yep. backed up from 85 to 8 7. 7. let's go it steve. a very good morning. our observer -- the e-mail is gone -- the fog is fog. the temperatures are cold. now, there's a lot of 30s all over the place. patchy fog, cold, sunny and warmer. fog, sun, a little warmer into tomorrow and then we start to keep our eyes on the system coming in. it looks like it will bring the clouds in. friday morning, it's a warmer system. if it does make it, it will give us decent rain along the
7:42 am
coast. we should be near 70 for san jose. clear skies, except for that fog. there's our system the leading edge of it right there. it's a couple of days away. oakmont, 31. bethel island down to 32. petaluma, 35. palo alto 36. los gatos, 37 and san bruno at 39 degrees. 34 fairfield. they were at 32. livermore is in the 30s. concord is in there. san anselmo, santa rosa, 42. redwood city 38, holding steady. our system will wrap itself up. it has a lot of moisture with it. it will slide in and be on its
7:43 am
own. it will be a rogue and then go down the coast. they may not get much out of the sierra nevada out of this. it will be a little warmer. temperatures in the 60s. walnut creek is 64. heat wave. 63, danville. 63, oakland. also livermore up to brentwood. not much difference. this is the time of year that san jose is warmer than morgan hill and gilroy because their temperatures are tolder in the morning -- are colder in the morning. 61 in city -- in the city. >> foster city, 62. half moon bay, 58. a little warmer on wednesday and then increasing clouds on thursday and then more fog. we'll cloud it you. bring some rain in, take it out and then a cool northwest pattern on sunday. a hopeful sign the u.s. job market is getting better.
7:44 am
>> a big vote in italy's parliament. what's happening with that country's e battled leader -- country's embattled leader?
7:45 am
7:46 am
numbers have been a bit mixed on wall street. there's a good news coming out. employers advertised more jobs in september at any other point in the last three years. that's a hopeful sign that the u.s. job market is slowly improving. of course, all eyes dealing on what's happening in europe. we'll have more on that in a moment. the dow is up 4.5. the nasdaq is up 10. the s&p is up 3. new this morning, italian's
7:47 am
parliament won a critical vote. still, the opposition immediately demand that ber loss coney resign to -- ber das l -- berlosconi resign. and we're waiting to see who will replace greece's prime minister. in just about 90 minutes, penn state football coach joe paterno will hold his weekly
7:48 am
pregame briefing. it comes after sexual allegations concerning jerry sandusky. david lee miller joins us from harrisburg with more on what we can expect today. so, will the coach talk about the scandal? >> reporter: we're actually on the penn state campus. the question you asked is a big one. we don't have any answers. to what if any extent is he gonna address the scandal. many are saying the coach may have acted legally but that his behavior was not moral. it's a complex and tragic story. let me take you through what happened and why some are holding the coach to ridicule. back in 2002, a grad assistant came to the coach and said that he saw coach jerry sandusky in the locker room with a young boy. the grad assistant -- this is according to the grand jury -- told this to coach paterno.
7:49 am
now, paterno then notified his supervisor who is the athletic director, timothy curley, curley notified gary schultz, the vice president of business and finance. both of those men stepped down from their jobs because they are accused of perjury and compelling with state law that compels them to report child abuse. many are asking why didn't paterno do more, why didn't he take this information to the police? this is one of the questions that we could hear paterno asked today. he did issue a statement over the weekend. he said at that time, speaking about the grad assistant that he met with in 2002, this is a quote "at no time did the grad assistant relay to me the very specific actions contained in the grand jury report." in in other words, paterno says, back in 2002, he cannot believe that anything illegal
7:50 am
may have been taking place. perhaps it was something disturbing or improper but it was not enough at that time for him to think it required some type of legal action. others argue that argument does not hold caughter -- water and some of those demanding that he be held accountable are the parents of two boys who were allegedly sexually abused, saying more people knew what was going on and there was a coverup. back to you. >> thank you. we're hearing reports that sandusky was seen on campus officially a week ago. but i guess he was daned from the campus. have you heard anything about that -- banned from the campus. have you heard anything about that? >> he was prohibited to bring boys on the campus but he was able to return to his capacity as a coach here. it's very possible that he wassen the -- that he was on the campus. tomorrow i can tell you the
7:51 am
likely place we'll find him is for a preliminary hearing in in days and -- in this case about the allegations. the finger-pointing is not over. >> all right. thank you, david. 7:50. professors walking the picket lines all over california. cam cook is in our newsroom and tells us this is all about saving public education. well, drawing from the momentum of the "occupy movement" plan to pickett today and tomorrow saying they -- picket today and tomorrow, saying they are frustrated with the 1% today and tomorrow. we want to show you -- this is the video of san francisco state. we're also up in the state. we're talking to those getting ready to heed out to the picket line. faculty members say the board
7:52 am
is out of such with them and their students. they also say continuing fee hikes are hurting education, making it more difficult for people to get a degree. the president of the faculty association says "the students and faculty feel the same way about chancellor reed as the occupy protesters feel about the decisions that benefit 1% of the population." she says the chancer -- the chancellor is doing the same things faculty at sonoma state university are heading out to the picturette lines now. this is -- this is sonoma stay. san francisco state be -- begins at 11:00. and tomorrow two other schools will take place. faculties at all 23 csu campuses will picket today or
7:53 am
tomorrow. so we'll hopefully here from some of those protesters coming up. let's go to back to day. >> pg&e is expected to start construction on a new section of pipeline is replace the one that ruppureed over the weekend. now -- ruptured over the weekend. it ruptured right along 280 in woodside. pg&e says heavy damage by heavy equipment followed the rupture. >> this is what we want to see. we want to know that our hydrotests are finding these kind of weaknesses because that tells us we're doing the right thing with them. >> once pg&e installs a new section of pipeline, more testing will be done. 7:53. a high-tech election day, the reason some voters will be casting their ballots using
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
welcome back. a bay area startup company is working on a longevity test so you can find out how well you are aging. the menlo park company tolome help checks dna and saliva for eugene-protecting chemical. the longer the chemical -- for a jean-protecting chemical. the longer the -- for a gene- protecting chemical. unhealthy lifestyles can shorten that chemical. >> it would give me a better way to know if i am leading my life the way i should be. >> university of california
7:57 am
researchers received a nobel prize for their work on that subject. some voters in oregon will be using ipads to mark their voting ballots today. it's being tested on disabled voters in five counties. voters just have to tap the screen to pick their candidate. ballots are then printed ow at -- printed out. interesting idea. >> yes. let's check in with sal, keying a close eye on the -- keying a close eye on the commute. >> newschopper2, it's -- you can see. there's the backup. if you drive out -- drive -- it doesn't actually end at the maze. this is good news. since we're running short on time, this the -- this is the only picture i'm gonna show you. this is really important for the commute. it's backed up to the 8 0
7:58 am
overcrossing a -- 880 a little bit more. let's go to steve. fog, sunshine today. nice today. changes on thursday. cold numbers so bundle up. temperatures will warm up just a little bit today. system coming into the left of your screen. that will play into your weather but probably not until late thursday and friday. sunny and nice. it's cold out there. 50s and 60s for temperatures today, coming up about 2 degrees compared to yesterday. it's a weather thing. a little warmer on wednesday, increasing clouds on thursday. we'll bring some -- on thursday and we'll bring some rain in on friday. dave? >> all right. more and more american college students are getting deeper and deeper in debt. how many students at uc berkeley are coming out ahead. >> reporter: we're live in concord where neighbors are being told to stay inside because of a ruptured pipeline. state farm. this is jessica.
7:59 am
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welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, novemberth. topping -- november 8th. topping our news at:00. a -- topping our news at 8:00. a crude oil leak is causes a big smell, even this morning. tara moriarty, you can see, she's live in concord. so what's it like now, tara? >> reporter: well, honestly it seems like the smell has dissipated and then it will whop back up and it seems stronger than before. you can see some crews milling around in the hard hats and behind that tree there, that's actually where the pipe burst. it's right on the fringe of the concord naval station. the health department says this poses no health danger but they are telling people to stay
8:02 am
indoors. the company reported this around 5:00 last night. but neighbors say they could smell what they describe as natural gas early in the morning. this man lives nearby and had a tough time sleeping. >> i had neighbors and friends that called us -- they are over half a mile away. he said it was so bad that he was physically getting sick because of it, yeah. >> reporter: the 16-inch pipeline is run by conocophillips which operates a refinery in rodeo. we've tried reaching them for comment on how the leak happened and how much seeped out. last night crews supposedly tapped the line and started cleanup. like we said, the trench is -- the stench is still pretty strong and it does appear that crews are doing something. live from concord, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. ellie this morning -- early this morning, yellow police
8:03 am
tape surrendered this warehouse near washington and central san leandro. an alameda county battalion chief says a police officer on patrol spotted smoke just after midnight. just within the hast hour we spoked -- last hour we economicked in with the police but because of the continuing investigation they did not give out any additional information. happening right now, president obama has just arrived in philadelphia, pennsylvania. this is a live picture of the president. he just got off air force one, getting into a limousine. we showed you his departure an hour ago from andrews air force base. he's set to start a -- he's said to tour classrooms. he wants the struggling head- start program to compete for funding instead of automatically receiving it as a way to boost quality in
8:04 am
centers. he will be traveling with suburban pennsylvania to meet with students and teachers and he wants the white house to try to improve education. these are live pictures of the president as he pulls away from the tarmac in philadelphia. a small gathering there. 8:04. one hour ago, the polls opened for 2011. bay area voters are dedied -- are deciding dozens of political contests. but the race for san francisco mayor is getting the most attention and allie rasmus has learned of an early-morning surprise and joins us live to tell us about it. good morning, allie. >> reporter: yes. good morning. we just came from inside san francisco city hall and we have video to show you that just came in. this is inside the elections
8:05 am
office at san francisco city hall where election workers are coordinating with election officials at the more than 400 polling places across san francisco this morning to make sure things are running smoothly and this is just an hour after the polls opened. we checked in with the san francisco director. one thing that surprised him so far is that early-voter turnout is lower than expected. he estimated yesterday's turnout was about 25%. this morning, he revisessed of -- he revised the number down. >> we're looking at 15, 20%. that was surprising to me. i think everyone was surprised by that. >> reporter: there's still one more day to cast your ballot for mayor, district attorney and a new sheriff. one voter we talked to characterized this election as
8:06 am
a little intense. she says with all of the candidates in. race and all of the campaign ack -- with all of the candidates in the race and all of the campaigning going on. >> reporter: 16 people are running for san francisco mayor. unlike the last mayoral race in 2007, there's no i lektion incumbent run -- election incumbent running. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. aley mentioned -- allie mentioned rank-choice voting. we asked you what you think
8:07 am
about it. here's what some of you had to say "i don't like rank-choice voting. it made a mess of oakland and i'm afraid it might do the same here." annie wrote she doesn't like rank-choice voting and it's the first time she may not vote. we would like to hear what you think about this. send a message on facebook. today's elections are being monitored by state and federal officials. the state is sending observers to san francisco after several candidates requested oversight because of accusations of voter fraud. in alameda county, federal corker -- workers will none -- will monitor polling places to make sure minority workers have equal access to information. there are elections for mayor in several cities, including newark, livermore, benicia, san rafael and vallejo. a 1% sales tax proposal is also on the ballot. voters in fairfax and san
8:08 am
francisco, they are deciding on rising sales taxes 1.5%. keep it here for complete coverage. we'll have more details throughout the morning for you and complete line coverage -- live coverage tonight on the news. gossip among world leaders caught on an open microphone. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the negative comments president obama and the president of france were overheard making in one of their -- about one of their colleagues at the recent g-20 summit. >> always have to be careful with those microphones. >> always. let's check in with sal, who maybe once or twice has been caught with the microphone. >> i have. i have learned my lesson. don't ever type an e-mail in
8:09 am
anger. hold on. >> right. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a lot of slow traffic here at the bay bridge. it is backed up but one. good things is it's only backed up for -- to about the end of the parking lot. so i would say that's a win here for this tuesday. i don't know why it's so light but we don't have questions when things are good. let's go to interstate 8 0. so would slow traffic heading all the way up to high street. 80 westbound, we had several tweets with this on 80 westbound there is a crash at san pablo avenue. this has been a horrible crash. there's minor injuries but the traffic is just terrible from highway 4 all the way down to the richmond. you need extra time. i just got a tweet from someone saying they are moving it maybe 5 miles an hour. that's just horrible.
8:10 am
let's talk about the nimitz freeway, it's backed up from 238 to fremont and in the south bay, i would say 280. everyone is going to their job. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we had some tweets from stacy. she said the thick thickest fog. it will be sunny -- she said the thickest fog. it will be sunny. 28 to 44 on the morning lows. it's not just a few. everyone was really close hon the morning lows. usually there's always somebody running 5 degrees cooler. but that was not the case. by noon, 52, 58. that fog should be done. a lot of fog in marin county. 58 to 64 and it will be a little warmer. don't have to worry about any
8:11 am
high clouds. some of that fog will make it tough for a couple of hours, the system we're waiting for is still a couple of miles away. oakmont and kenwood, petaluma, 35. palo alto, 36. san bruno 39. i know nick cause yowas down -- niccasio was down. fairfield was 32. that's pretty cold for them. santa rosa was also 2. now we're starting to work off the morning lows. temperatures in the 40s. but even san jose was 40. north at 6. fairfield, at 3 at sfo. a little northerly breeze here. that will help us later on. the system looks like early friday. looks line it will come right to the coast. this could be a big rain
8:12 am
producer for coastal range. 60s on the temperatures or upper 50s. again, the coast, bay, inland there's not much of a difference. 62 alameda. 63 brentwood. 63 livermore and hayward, 63. santa clara is in there, sunnyvale, milpitas, cupertino. and 58 daly city and 61 in the city. a little warmer on wednesday. here comes more fog and some higher clouded on thursday. we'll cloud it up on friday and bring rain mainly along the coast. with your weekend always in view, we'll clear it out saturday evening, he says and then cool, breezy on sunday. >> thank you, steve. we have breaking news. an appeals court has announced whether the president's healthcare law is constitutional. their decision -- next. it's about building cars in america.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
a private conversation between president obama and the president of france last week was overheard. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how that open microphone could become a diplomatic disaster. alison? >> reporter: dave, the white house press secretary just briefed reporters on air force one. he's dodging questions and -- and offering an official no comment about the private conversation between france's president and president obama. it happened at the g-20 summit in france last week. a french website is reporting that after president obama and the president from france held a public news conference, they were treated for a private meeting. the two leaders were reportedly still wearing their microphones and started discussing israel and the palestinians. that's when reporters heard sarkozy let loose about benjamin netanyahu. he reportedly told obama,
8:17 am
cannot bear him. he's a liar, to which obama relied, you are fed up. i have to deal with them every day. it's unclear if there's a recording on this. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. "occupy oakland" protesters are considering taking over the city's foreclosed properties. today's "oakland tribune" reports that occupy organizers held discussions about possibly moving into abandoned buildth. but the administrator santana says that -- building the. but the administrator, santana, said that will not be tolerateed. city officials in santa rosa are in talks about "okay -- with occupy protesters outside of city hall but they
8:18 am
can't seem to reach an a -- reach an agreement. the city wants them camped out in tents. protesters have suggested adopting conduct rules for the camp. in san diego, some small business owners said threats from occupy protesters forced them to shut down their business. the sotos say their hot dog cart business has been closed since october 28th. they say they were constantly harassed by the protesters. >> they talk about the small businesses but meanwhile, they are destroying every small business down there. >> the coffee cart owner says protesters damaged her cart and forced her to shut counsel. a fund-raiser was held yesterday to help her and the owners of the -- shut down. a fund-raiser was held yesterday to help her and the owners of the hot dog cart.
8:19 am
the legislature vote is to divert money away from redevelopment agencies to schools and local governments. this lawsuit claims the states plan to abolish the agencies unless cities agree to pay for them. the supreme court has put this case on a fast track. they've agreed to rule on this by january 15th. the san jose city council meets today. they will be talking about a plan to meet the as to the south bay. now, the city is offering the as' owner an option to buy five acres of land at a reduced rate near the downtown train station. diners at an atlanta-area restaurant got a surprise along with their lunch on sunday. check out this video. the top part of the screen.
8:20 am
a deer decided to run through the taco-mac restaurant in alpharetta. he left through a window and ran around before slipping through a door. the deer took off in the parking lot. the deer, fortunately, and nobody else was hurt. and we have more of "mornings on 2" after this. stay with us. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ]
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producers of the call of duty video game franchise are expecting a huge payday today. demand for modern warfare iii is so high, gamers set up camp in the cole last night outside of san francisco's game stop store. it went on sale at midnight. the game is expected to bring in $300 million in sales today. one gamer standing in line says she plays for more than just fun. >> i guess i'm competitive. i didn't really like barbie dolls. i liked to destroy my barbie dolls. >> this morning, the game's producer took to twitter asking for players to be patient. that network -- that networks players and allows them to chart their progress. a new cross guard company will be on duty outside of palo alto schools. last night, the city council approved a bid by american guard services, despite pleas
8:24 am
from parents to keep the current company. the palo alto is reporting the company is offering jobs to the current guards but at lower pay. 8:23. we want to check in with sal and see what's going on, on 280. it's very slow. this is downtown san jose. you can see northbound 2 0, all of a sudden very slow. as we go to the maps, i will show you this area. that's where traffic curbs up to highway 17, you see the pictures we showed you is only a small portion of the slow traffic you will be dealing with on 280, 101, 85. as we move along to the east bay, that accident in richmond cleared, traffic is just a mess. a may be one of the reasons why traffic is light at the bay bridge. we're looking at the 8 0
8:25 am
freeway. 0 from -- 80 from -- 880 is slow. one tweeter said people may be voting before they go to work. the toll plaza is lighter than usual. so maybe a combination of the people voting and before they leave their -- before they leave their neighborhood and 80 wasup a mess, it acted as kind of a filter to the bay bridge traffic. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. turns cold. we're starting to get warmer. there's also fog. it looks like most of the fog is in marin county. it's been all over the place, not as thick as yesterday. it will burn off and then we'll have temperatures warming up but due to a little bit of a northern breeze. they were colder than this, these temperatures. now things are starting to warm up. the system looks like -- it's
8:26 am
right there. we are having a lot of sunshine even though the days are getting long. we should be around 65 to 70 degrees. not 62, 63, or 64. so a little warmer into wednesday and then more fog and increaseing clouds. sunday looks like a cool, breezy day with maybe a few passing showers. all right. 8:26. we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. a conservative leaning panel of presidents has upsold president obama's law -- hup-year-old president obama's law -- uphelding president obama's law, saying that all americans get medical healthcare is unconstitutional.
8:27 am
some courts have ruled it unconstitutional. others, like this morning, have upheld the law. that means the supreme court is likely to rule on the fate of president obama 'signature. coming up -- how a gang injunction has changed a troubled neighborhood in oakland. >> reporter: a man is in oakland in police custody after being accused of beating his own mother. also, michael jackson's doctor, in jail, waiting to be sentenced. why he may not spend much time in jail. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road.
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welcome back. :29. a man from oakland's in jail this morning after police say he severely beat his own mother. ktvu tea kraig debro has been talking to neighbors -- ktvu's kraig debro has been talking to neighbors all morning. he's back to tell us what they've been saying about this fall. >> reporter: good morning. no name of the victim or the suspect. we're still working on that. it happened here on snake road. this home is located about a quarter mile east of highway 13. when we got here, we saw the suspect was already in the back of the patrol car. been talking to a lot of neighbors out here and without exception, every one of them say they saw this coming from a mile away. they say the police have been here on a number of occasions. in fact, the mother, the victim, told neighbors to be careful and her own son.
8:31 am
neighbors say the gentleman didn't live here. he lived here at a halfway house but he visited here on a regular basis. even the mother was afraid. she was so afraid, she told other people about it. the -- the neighbors say the police were here before. what that was for is unknown. it may be a similar situation. here's one girl relaying her conversations with the victim. >> her mother came out and just told us that he's not a good person. that's the whole reason why i can't stay home alone. my grandmother fears he might come around and something may happen. >> the name of the victim has not been confirmed.
8:32 am
reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:31. this new report out that shows the crime rate is down in a part of north oakland under a controversial gang injunction. the injunction was put in place last year designating a 100- block area of north oakland as a safety zone. according to a city staff report preparing for a meeting tonight, crime in the area is down by 2% over the past 16 months. however, serious crimes like assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and carjacking, they did go up. seven of the 15 people named in the injunction have been arrested of -- arrested. oakland police are investigating the shooting death of a man right outside of an apartment complex. police were called to kirkum court just after 8:00 last night. they found a wounded lan in his -- man in his 40s.
8:33 am
he had been shot several times and was found mr.-- and was pronounced dead at the scene. 8:32. a former -- former oakland police officer will have to pay part of a settlement to two men that he illegally strip searched. the court ruled that the two men were illegally searched. lucas was awarded $105,000. brand shaw was awarded $100,000. their attorney tells "the chronic" the judge ordered the officer to pay 40% of the settlement, saying it was important to send him a message. a judge has reduced to -- refused to drop charges against the individual accused of killing aer. >> en -- german tourist -- of killing a german tourist near
8:34 am
union square. five men and one juvenile were arraigned on grand jury charges. a hearing has been set to require the court reporter to produce the missing transcript. tonight, berkeley city council will consider banning plastic bags. back in january, city officials delayed a decision on this issue. they were fearing they may be sued if there was an -- if there was not an environmental impact report. since then it's ruled that those reports are not necessary to enact those bans. uc berkeley graduates are coming out ahead of students in other parts of the nation when it comes to student loan debt. the average debt went up to $25,000 for those graduating, last year. that was -- that figure was $16,000 for cal students. many uc berkeley students took
8:35 am
advantage of the grant programs and those grants, you were able to keep them out of deeper debt at a time of rising tuition costs. anyone with an android phone may be able to find parking in san francisco a little more easily. that's because there is now an app to those about meter parking available. there's been a similar app available for iphones since september but this app is now available for android phones. so more people can use it. >> that's right. hey, sal, we need to use you to figure out what's going on in our commute. >> you can do that right now. i'm gonna update you on 0 -- on one of the slowest commutes. you can see how slow it is. it's almost at a stop here. this is our camera mounted on a building near mckee road. that doesn't look good. 2 0, people have been a --
8:36 am
avoiding that. and -- 280 people have been avoiding that. give yourself extra time. this moving's commute is low on -- is slow on 880 as well. we're just thinking that some people may have stayed home in their neighborhoods to vote and now the bay bridge toll plaza is still light. 880 is backed up big time from hayward to highway 19. i want to move the maps all the way up to the east shore freeway here. we had the earlier -- earlier crash where the red star is. traffic is still slow. 8:36. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. some fog around. most of that should start to burn off fast. but it can reduce visibility this far. other areas, it's already sunny and star -- starting to warm up. we've already had morning lows bounce off those other
8:37 am
temperatures -- temperatures. temperatures are warming up. on thursday we'll fet a south in advance of a low -- get a south in advance of a low. until then, the nights are cold. that's due to the fog. what breeze we do get is a little orally for some. there's the leading edge of our system right there. it looks like rain for the coast. we'll fine-tune is as we get closer. there were a lot of upper 20s and 30s. bethel island, 32. petaluma, 35. palo alto 36. los gatos, 37. even san bruno 39. they were down to 32. same for santa rosa, 42 san ralph f.m. redwood city was also around 38. it was cold for many. our system is gonna come in. it will meander towards us. it won't be until late thursday
8:38 am
until friday. it could be a pe -- pretty good rain producer. santa cruz south could see moderate wayne -- rain. we'll see. this area is still developing. that wouldn't be until friday morning 50s and 60s. 64 in sonoma. walnut creek as well. antioch, 62 morgan hill. saratoga, 64. i think you get the idea. 50s and os, temperatures still struggling with this cold air mass in place. it will be warmer on wednesday and then a little bit more fog. we'll get a southerly breeze on thursday. cloud it up on friday. it looks like it will make it with our weekend in view. -- dash make it with -- make it with our -- for our weekend in view. a little boy's mother told police she left her son in her
8:39 am
car in her car sudden morning after running out of gas in bellevue, outside of seattle. a massive search continued after that. a sad day for boxing fans. mourning the loss of one of the greatest fighters to ever step in the ring. ♪ ♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks are giving up early gabs and turned toking intive after the outcome of a confidence vote in italy when it is unmoney if they can avoid a debt crisis -- unknown if they  can avoid a debt crisis of their own. the jobs market is up more than it has been in three years. more than 1 million current
8:43 am
and former bank of america customers will be getting money back from the bank. a federal judge approved a $410 million settlement in the class action lawsuit over debt card overdraft fees. the fees were $35 each. customers will only receive a small portion of that amount. current customers will get a credit to that account -- to their account. former customers will receive a check in the mail. breaking news of the we've just learned that penn state's head coach joe paterno has cancelled his weekly news conference. he's always met with the press every tuesday during football season to talk about the upcoming game. but there was gonna be a lot of questions this morning about the case with his former defense coordinator, jerry sandusky, and the child sex abuse scandal. and, once again, joe paterno was expected to face a lot of questions at that press conference and he's just cancelled the press conference.
8:44 am
let's bring you ut to -- brings you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following. on an -- in an open microphone, france's president was overheard telling president obama he cannot stand netanyahu. this happened at the go-20. that's when the conversation was heard on headphones at the conference. news polls are open for voting. the race for mayor is getting the next attention -- the most attention. there are 16 candidates in that case. crude oil pipeline burst yesterday evening causing a very strong odor. it's still -- it still stinks this morning. tara moriarty has been out there all morning and is giving us an update on the smell out
8:45 am
there. tara? >> reporter: well, we finally got ahold of conocophillips and a representative there said the crude oil was turned off. they have actually pinched both ends of the line around where the leak was happening and they are in the process of draining out of that crude oil out right now. still, all of the strong odors that we're still -- we're still smelling all of those strong ordinary es. it looks like there is a -- odors. it looks like there is a machine down there clearing away grass. there's also a tree. there's a lot of crew milling around behind that tree. it's right on the edge. the health department says the odor poses no health danger. the crude oil pipeline burst yesterday and the company reported it around 5:00 last night. neighbors tell us they could smell what they described as leaking gas in the morning.
8:46 am
this man had a tough time sleeping. >> it was difficult. i went to bed late. it was strong. you just kind of thought about it. because they had told us that it wasn't gonna hurt us. but still, in the back of your mind, you don't want to go to sleep knowing you can a -- you have a bad smell around. >> reporter: the 16-inch pipeline is run by con know doe phillips. we're told it's a 625-square patch. ground that's saturated. when we spoke to officials, they said they didn't know how the leak happened or how much crude spilled out. they will keep us posted on that. right now they are training out of the -- all of the crude oil out of there. we'll don't to -- we'll continue to stay on top of the story. the smell is still pretty strong around this neighborhood the it can be smelled about half a mile, to a mile radius
8:47 am
from where we are standing. definitely stay indoors if you are nearby. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. a new poll out shows president obama's approval rating remain. but in a runoff, he still beats the top presidential candidates. it's a "wall street journal" poll. it says president obama's approval rating remains at 44%. yet, in a matchup against mitt romney, the president holds a 6- point edge, 39% to 33% and he runs 33 points ahead of herman cain, 53% to 38%. this afternoon, republican presidential candidate, herman cain will hold a press conference to address the latest allegations of sexual harassment against hill. we're live in -- against him. we're live via skip with jamie
8:48 am
dupre. how is this matching up up? >> reporter: not exactly the best for herman cain. last night he was on "the jimmy kimmel show." today in phoenix, he will sold a news conference. there are a lot of people -- he will hold a news conference. there are a lot of people wondering if maybe all of these allegations are adding up to a campaign that's working against him. he will address some of these things at 5:00. he riley hasn't had to answer that many questions directly. he sort of scathed them off and got into a spat over the weekend. now that there is a real woman with a face, it makes it more explosive for him. >> this is certainly not the first time a political candidate has faced some sort of these charges. >> reporter: that's right.
8:49 am
i'm reluctant to say it's over for herman cain. i remember covering jennifer flowers 20 years ago. everyone said, bill clinton is dead. he better go back to arkansas. he can never win this race. so it might be a mistake to say that herman cain is done. but this is pr and continuing pr that -- that -- that he does not want to have. it's making a lot of republicans uneasy in d.c. >> it will be interesting to see how he responds at the press conference. 8:49. college professors walking picket lines all across california. >> pam cook's in the newsroom and says can -- says this is all about public saving. >> the protesters at sonoma state university just hit the picket lines this morning. [ chanting ]
8:50 am
>> they are walking to protest. now, they are unhappy with the chancellor of the university system saying they are frustrated with the 1% since running the university. >> they are hiring more managers, spending less on students, and giving them fewer classes. these think their priorities are harmful for our student, pack illty and the state of california. >> last year our -- faculty and the state of california. >> last year our fees went up. >> that student says she's -- says she knows many people who are working three and four jobs just to stay in college. right now the average student at the university takes about six, seven years to graduate because of the cost and the cuts to classes. that's hooping right now at sonoma -- happening right now at sonoma state university.
8:51 am
and tomorrow, professors will take part in the picket lines and the faculty at all of the 23 facilities are walking the picket lines today or tomorrow. back to dave. >> thank you, pam. 8:50. well, michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray is in jail now, report the -- reportedly on suicide watch. bob decastro is joining us live from leaks. this is still complex -- from los angeles. this is still complex. we're hearing he may not spend a lot of time in jail. >> reporter: yeah, definitely not in prison because of the law ab-39, the overcrowding. first of all, we're in stan monica -- santa monica. this is the upscale apartment that conrad murray lived just before he was remanded in
8:52 am
custody. he actually lived here with the mother of his girlfriend. she got on the stand and said she's an instrument, an actress. she still lives here. but dr. conrad murray in a jail cell. we talked about him being on suicide watch. we have con -- actually confirmed that he's not in -- on suicide watch. he's kept in high status inmate. he's able to get something to eat and take a shower. his sentencing will be three weeks now on november 29th. that's when we may learn what's going to be the disposition of conrad murray. he could get anything from probation, meaning he could be under house arrest and be here in santa monica or he could -- or he could serve prison time, as much as four years. but like i said, because --
8:53 am
because of that law, it looks like the most he could probably spend probably in the county jail here is up to about four months. that remains to be seen. for now, he's remanded into if -- into custody until november 29th, he will be at the men's central jail. dave? >> thank you, bob. boxing fans around the world are mourning the loss of joe frazier today. he died of liver cancer yesterday at the age of 6. he's best known as the first person to beat mohammad ali. four years later, they spaed -- they spaed for 14 -- they sparred for 14 rounds. eventually frazier won. 8:53. a close encounter for earth today. a huge asteroid. scientists are watching this one.
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ jet plane passing [ swings squeaking
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"fila." they will tell the story through song and dance. for your chance too win, go to the tab where you put in the secret word "rhythm." let's check in with sal. >> we're gonna quickly go through the pictures here. 880 northbound, we see some slow traffic there. it's improving but at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's been light and people have been showing up a little bit. and thin san francisco downtown, northbound looks good here approaching -- and then san francisco downtown, northbound looks good. steve? it will be sunny, nice, just a little bit warmer. night and morning fog. cold mornings. increasing clouds on thursday. it looks like rain friday morning along the coast and we'll take it into saturday morning and then clear it out. that's my story and i'm sticking to it for now. all right.
8:58 am
it appears that the santa cruz contestant has been turning on the judges on the x factor. do we have him on the phone? chris? chris, are you on the phone? we don't have him. everyone is proud of him. he's a bay area guy. we'll catch up with him later. >> yep. well, that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. and we're always here for you on facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us. state farm. this is jessica.
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